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I drove 8 hours today to look at apartments. It was a failure. I am exhausted.

Never grow up kids.


don’t you hate it when you feel like you’re not who people think you are but you’re like aw man who you think i am is exactly who i wanna be!!!!



Caroline sent me this in my personal blog, and I just had to share it with all you potterheads:

… If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this is wonderful news. [The study] provides some experimental backing for J.K. Rowling’s opinion that, “The Potter books in general are a prolonged argument for tolerance, a prolonged plea for an end to bigotry.”

More importantly, it shows that conveying messages of tolerance through literature actually works. Potter’s journey of self-discovery, then, might some day be immortalized in projects that aim to teach tolerance to young children.


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TBT to when I thought I had to dress like this and be someone that made me uncomfortable. #itgetsbetterrrrrrr


This made me emotional..