“Surely it is a privilege to approach the end
still believing in something.”
— Louise Glück, ‘October’ (via injusticeworth)


compliment: sofakingexcited. what a sweet freaking peach. i just saw a post of her texting another friend in the fandom and it is so abundantly clear that she’s full of kindness. it’s people like her that makes me really excited to run this blog.

“One of the most spiritual things you can do is embrace your humanity. Connect with those around you today. Say, “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “I appreciate you”, “I’m proud of you”…whatever you’re feeling. Send random texts, write a cute note, embrace your truth and share it…cause a smile today for someone else…and give plenty of hugs.”
— Steve Maraboli (via kushandwizdom)

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A-Hannah-Per-Day: 15/15

A sixth grader’s advice to future sixth graders.

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Definition: to damage, destroy, or ruin something or someone on purpose, sometimes under the guise of friendship or safety.

You kissed him, because he was there,
And the shame feels soothing some how.

His hands were warm when he pushed you into the corner.

Let it happen. You’re worth it.

The fourth bottle is just as cold as the first.

Standing still,
You’re running through the mazes you built.
Endless circles.

And the voices
Whisper so convincingly
Over your screaming heart.

“This is normal.
This is how normal girls act.
Keep drinking,
And you’ll grow into it.”


Did you act so surprised
When the bomb went off?


I am average.

I’m an average friend.
An average lover.
An average photographer.
I’m a B- student in heart breaking.
I’m a below average writer.
An entirely insignificant daughter.
A piss poor sister.

But God,

I am fantastic at fucking everything up.


Hey guys,

I have chosen to nominate Hannah Hart (mydrunkkitchen) as the leader of an Eagle Rare Life. The award is given to those who exhibit a combination of courage, leadership, survival, heroism, devotion, and character. The award includes fifty thousand dollars contributed to a charity of their choice.

A lot of you probably know who she is, many don’t, but regardless, please go visit the link, and vote for her if you feel so inclined.

Hannah has been a role model and inspiration to many, including myself, and she exemplifies the qualities of a hero in a lot of ways.

You can vote once every 24 hours, so please spread this, and vote often. The contest closes at the end of the day on January 5, 2015, and you can vote every day until then.


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I’m sick of love poems.

Love is its own poetry,
My words add nothing.

So here is a love poem to myself:

Baby, you’re flawed.
You gave up covering old scars
A long time ago.
You’re more comfortable
With self harm
than self love.

But did you see
how you made her smile?
Your hands heal.
Your words move.
Your love is real
when you give it.
It’s forced
when you rip it away.

Like an exploding sun,
You can be terrifying,
You can be terrific.
You are what you’re made of:
And full of hot air.

You can’t miss something
You never had
No matter what
The poet said.
Dont confuse love
For wishful thinking.

warning. i’m going to write tonight. I have been avoiding it, because depression makes you avoid things you like to do. so expect your dash to be invaded by my rambling. i apologize ahead of time.

Tatiana Maslany in “Waiting for you”

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